Martin Tashi

Martin Tashi is a graduate of the Agricultural University of Tirana. He has finished his studies with a major in Agro-environment Engineering and Ecology. Martin has been a coordinator of several projects with Albanian environmental organizations. In Albania, Martin is working as a Water treatment Engineer for European Water Technologies & EuroConstruction Company Albania. Martin is a certified tour guide and he is proficient in English, Italian and Albanian. He started working for “ALBCAMPERS” in 2008 because of his passion for culture and the environment.

Remion Vora

Remion Vora is a graduate of Oakland University (OU). He finished his studies with a Major in Political Science and a Minor in Economics. Remion has had experience working and directing different NGO’s in the US and Albania. He is proficient in English, Italian and Albanian with an intermediate knowledge of Spanish. In Albania, Remion is working as a Community Liaison Coordinator for the TAP (Trans Adriatic Pipeline) project, assisting local communities with various social, agricultural and environmental issues. Previously, Remion has participated in various projects with the EU and the World Bank.

Entela Hoxhaj

Entela Hoxhaj is a graduate of the University of Tirana. She has finished her studies with a major in Foreign Languages and a post-graduation master in human resources management. Entela has been a a coordinator and assistant in several projects with Albanian environmental and human rights organizations. In Albania, Entela is working as a Development Facilitator for World Vision Albania. Entela is proficient in English,French and Albanian. She started involving with “ALBCAMPERS” in 2012 when Albcampers organized a visit to the families in need of the village of Gerdec. Her passions are human rights, culture and environment.